León marino

We took the little dog to see the sea lions. She was not impressed.

That’s a Wrap!

If the long shadows across the water didn’t give away that the sun was preparing to set, the little otter making her bed for the night did. She took the term “kelp bed” very seriously as she twirled herself in the algae seaweed and drifted off to sleep. #otters

Lunch at the Pier

Despite the success of the other birds and beasts, over all this time, I had never seen him actually catch anything. Until now.

Diving for Dinner

A Brandt’s cormorant eyes a pelagic crab. But he has plans for a deep water dinner.

Found Art

So we came across this scene at the beach.


Waves before the next storm on Monterey Bay.


Western gulls wait for an easy meal on Monterey’s Wharf 2.


A grey day after the storms. Hustling and bustling for beached treasures.