Then I Saw Her Face

Then saw her face
now I’m a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
I’m in love

In Sync

We have been through a lot of late. But here they are.

Touch of Grey

Grey vireo holds a wisp of moss … or is that one of my grey hairs?

Rough winds do shake

… the darling buds of May. Sonnet 18 is easily the one of the most recognizable Shakespearean sonnets. And it danced through my head as I walked the dog in the neighborhood today. May has been exceptionally windy, and the little dog stopped to stand faced into the blow from the bay, eyes shut tight….


I stood wishing for that 400mm telephoto lens I know I’d never carry. But, good equipment or not, I was still rewarded with that moment. The hunter circled back.