Dreaming of Summer: Spicy Gazpacho

Whenever I make gazpacho for my family or friends, I tell them a joke that is older than I am:
A man calls the server over to his table at the restaurant.
Man: Waiter, my soup is cold.
Server: It’s gazpacho.
Man: Ok. Gazpacho, my soup is cold.

“Inauthentic” Shrimp Po’Boys

Now that you have extra brioche hotdog buns … We all know that hotdogs and buns never come out even. And that is even more true when there are just two people. So here we sat with extra buns. A snoop through the freezer revealed shrimp that we had left over from my mom’s visit….

Rolling in the Dough … and salt

Soft Pretzel Bites In the time B.C.19, I traveled to Pacific Palisades to help wish my niece good travels as she returned to Australia for vet school. One evening, the family visited a neighbor’s home where I encountered a blast from my 70’s childhood: cheese fondue. But it was never as amazing as this. Smooth…

Dungeness Crab Rangoon

We love crab season. And buying them fresh from our backyard, Monterey Bay, is extra great. And this year, with the quarantine, we really needed a special at-home treat. We grabbed a couple of the largest crabs we could find at the wharf, did a simple boil of water, wine, and salt, and dove in…

Turkey Pot Pie in an Au Gratin

@lecreuset has small au gratin bakeware that are just the right size a turkey pot pie for 2. But I make 2 this size so we can each have our own leftovers. Pretty take on what we had in the fridge and freezer. #quarantinecooking Makes 2 pies Pastry 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, chilled, plus more…

THE Madre’s Soft Cream Jumbles

Few remember “the year of the cookie debacle” in which I spent months trying to make a decent sugar cookie. Tears were shed, cookie sheets thrown into a snow bank, Martha Stewart cursed. Finally, I sought out THE Madre who led me step by step through her Soft Cream Jumbles and to success. The secret:…

The Best Bite

@littlemomentsapp #fmsphotoaday #fms_thisorthat When asked what my best bite of food has ever been, this scene jumps to the front of the line.  My beloved brought carnitas, his brother-in-law brought tri-tip, Noemi (mom) made her out-of-this-world fresh tortillas and salsas, add a little queso fresca and my tastebuds were blown.

From the Garden: Poached Egg on Greens

A sunny afternoon at Hogs Island Oyster Company in San Francisco’s Ferry Building introduced us to a version of this tasty salad.  The next day, we were craving another serving, and the frisee in the garden was begging to be picked (plus it gave my fella a reason to teach me how to poach eggs). We were delighted with…