Love is the Air

Spring has come. During a break in the rain, I ventured out to take some photos.  A beautiful Western bluebird pair flew among the tall trees and even paused for a moment to pose … and then ponder. #birding

Goodbye, Butterfly!

As of last weekend, only 400 monarchs were at the sanctuary.  But those butterflies who remain pay no mind to their missing companions. They are enjoying these early days of spring.  #pacificgrovemonarchs

That’s a Wrap!

If the long shadows across the water didn’t give away that the sun was preparing to set, the little otter making her bed for the night did. She took the term “kelp bed” very seriously as she twirled herself in the algae seaweed and drifted off to sleep. #otters

Lunch at the Pier

Despite the success of the other birds and beasts, over all this time, I had never seen him actually catch anything. Until now.

A Pair

Valentine’s Day is coming.  And our minds turn to all those romantic images of love: hearts, roses, cupid, maybe a dove or two.  But I don’t see doves very often.  And when I do, they are usually mixed within the huge flock of pigeons that are scrabbling for birdseed under someone’s feeder.  Not very romantic….

By Any Other Name

An evening in the garden at the Monterey Museum of Art at the La Mirada mission birthed striking shots of these lovely beauties.


She watched us from her post –impatience on her brow, pollen on her chin.  Our work in the garden bed was keeping her from the red blossoms of her sage.  And there was still plenty of feasting to be done.

Mottled Rooster Stands on One Foot

  I don’t know if Little Richard is practicing the principles of tai chi and is rusty about the Golden Rooster Stands on One Foot maneuver or if he is merely airing out his slippers.  In any case, this little Mille Fleur d’Uccle bantam rooster lives up to his hype. In French, “Mille Fleur” translates as “Thousand…

Winged 2

Winged 2 @ #elkhornslough Graceful dinosaurs of the air #pelicans #birds


A few moments in the late afternoon along the slough.  The beating of wings. The splash of a dive. The call of delight.  Winged.      

Wrong Time of Day

Two years ago, I enrolled in an introduction to digital photography course.  I felt that I was finally ready to step into the world of DSLR.  A friend helped me pick out the best “starter” camera (a Nikon D3200), and I was ready to become a photojournalist extraordinaire.  And then reality hit. There is more…

The Final Shot

The Final Shot: Daniel’s portrait is the last pic my camera allowed