July Photo Challenge 27-31

The end of July found me overwhelmed with the final stages of a project at work that seeped over to my home hours.  The extra minutes that I had to take pictures seemed to evaporate, and the final five topics (numbers 1 through 5) were “on the fly.”  But I liked that the limited time actually made me think more outside of the box.

#27. One

Driving home tired, I racked my brain “One, One, One” trying to think of a topic.  Then I turned the corner and there it was!  I shifted into reverse and shot this mossy sign through my passenger-side window.


#28.  Two

Another down-to-the-wire shot.  It was 8:30 p.m. and I hadn’t been home yet.  As I stood in line buying cat food at the Lucky market, there it was.  I took two quick shots –I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the security camera right in my focus.


#29. Three


#30. Four

Chapter 4 of one of my favorite books as a child: The Pink Motel by Carol Ryrie Brink with illustrations by Sheila Greenwald. Apparently newer editions of this book are floating around out there (having been published in 1959, it was already old when I first read it). It is a wonderful story that started me on the road to being a mystery lover. I think I am going to sit right down and read it again now.


#31.  Five

Coast Guard Pier with the smoke from the Soberanes Fire hanging over the peninsula.


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