I Wore These

#fmsphotoaday #fms_iworethis Too nice of a day to stay inside! I wore my old cross trainers that don’t mind cow pies.

Goodbye Holman

#fmsphotoaday #fms_landscape Most of my photos are seascapes so I had to dig to find a land shot. My last picture of the landscape at Holman Ranch. (at Holman Ranch).  We decided to end our wine club membership and give up the yearly stays.  On to new adventures …

Community Fountain

#fmsphotoaday #fms_drink A puddle at the beach serves furry and feathered.


#fmsphotoaday #fms_turquoise #fandangorestaurant A pretty turquoise vase for a wonderful Friday lunch. (at Fandango Restaurant).

Between the Ts

#fmsphotoaday #fms_startswitht (two Ts with one shot!) Topanga State Park looking down at Temescal Canyon Park (and Santa Monica with LA in the distance). It’s a beautiful day in my family’s neighborhood.

July Photo Challenge 27-31

The end of July found me overwhelmed with the final stages of a project at work that seeped over to my home hours.  The extra minutes that I had to take pictures seemed to evaporate, and the final five topics (numbers 1 through 5) were “on the fly.”  But I liked that the limited time actually…

July Photo Challenge: 16-26

I have to admit that I like that the alphabet assignment has really required more creativity with my subjects –only one cat this time. #16. P is for … Paranormal. My niece and I took a trip to the Bigfoot Discovery Project and Museum in Felton, CA.  I hadn’t thought about sasquatch since I was a…

July Photo Challenge: 1-15

The challenge this month with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day brought a bit more of my creative nature.  It’s A through Z and 1 through 5.  At first I thought “Hey, this will be easy!” But then those weird letters started, or the subject that I thought would work … well, it simply didn’t. One of…

#JunePhotoChallenge 16-30

Now that I am taking more photos, I am also starting to branch out and take chances with my shots–different angles, more blur, and riffs on topics.  It was a fun month.  And I’m looking forward to see myself grow. #16. Vibrant On our last trip to Paso Robles, we visited Tablas Creek where we enjoyed…