July Photo Challenge: 16-26

I have to admit that I like that the alphabet assignment has really required more creativity with my subjects –only one cat this time.

#16. P is for … Paranormal.

My niece and I took a trip to the Bigfoot Discovery Project and Museum in Felton, CA.  I hadn’t thought about sasquatch since I was a child.  But ever since our visit, the mysterious beast has come up three times in random conversation with different people.  Cue Twilight Zone music.


#17. Q is for … Quail.

I snapped this shot over early morning tea at Holman Ranch.  This fellow was hurrying to his family hidden amongst the grape vines.  I was able to catch a couple of photos of his cheepers, but they weren’t as clear.


#19. R is for … Rosé.

My July birthday was quickly approaching, so I treated myself to a Brut Rosé before meeting friends for dinner in the valley. I love the bubbles!


#19. S is for … Surprise.

My 18-year-old cat was having a severe case of the itchies. So we made surprise visit to the vet.  I love this “eye” chart in the exam room.


#20. T is for … Tide Pools.

A sunny evening with calm waters was a special treat.  


#21. U is for … Umbrel.

My dill is now taller than I am!


#22.  V is for … Vines.

Another afternoon enjoying a glass of chilled chardonnay under an umbrella at Cowgirl Winery.


#23.  W is for … Winged.

I love the garden colors in the background of this shot.  My only wish is that I was three steps closer to get more detail on my lovely little friend.  But she was a shy bird, and the little male who “owns” the garden was giving her quite a chase that day.  I had to snap quickly!


#24.  X is for … Xeriscape.


#25.  Y is for … Yellow.

Yellow kayak and Yellow sky from the Sobranes fire.  I didn’t take my time with this photo, so it is a bit more out of focus than I like.  The angle of my photo makes the smoke look heavier than it was.  


#26.  Z is for … Zoe B. Calico.

I couldn’t choose anything else for my letter Z but my little beast.  Now that she is 18 and suffering from arthritis, she doesn’t like to go outside as much as she did.  But when she does, she hides between the fescue eating blades of sweet grass.





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