#MarchPhotoChallenge: 22-31

I took a trip back to the Great Lakes at Easter and had a good time continuing with the photo challenge.  While my pictures still show my amateur status, I loved photographing bits of places that mean a great deal to me.

#22. I Wore This


#23. Feet

My pal Elvis and I enjoyed the sunny afternoon.


#24. Color


#25. Funny

I was riding shuttles and flying all day (and night), so nothing was funny.  When I took this photo of my 10:30 p.m. dinner at SFO, my friend said that the reflection in the wine glass looked as if it were laughing at my meal.  



#26. Weather

Ohio weather can’t decide itself from hour to hour.  That’s why it’s aways good to keep the snow shovel by the door well into May. It did snow a few days later.


#27. Guilty Pleasure

Easter may mean chocolate bunnies and sugar chickies to some but to me meant homemade molasses cookies from a dear family friend.  YUM!


#28. People

We visited my little Italian aunt (and godmother) in Grand Rapids, MI.  There were family photos. I am choosing not to share them in such an open forum.

#29. In the Cabinet

At  Camp Miakonda with one of my Chickabees and her not-so-little men, I was so amazed by all the new merit badge categories.


#30. Clean up

A card game called “Hands and Feet” is very popular when the family is together.  My dad and I were “cleaning up” with the wins!


#31. Supplies





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  1. Since I’m originally from West Michigan I had to swing by when I saw your blog post in my tag/label feed.
    Lovely photos–esp love the “Color” photo. “Hand and Foot” is also a popular game with my family too, usually during holidays when we get together. 🙂
    Happy Shooting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I have relocated to California and I cannot find anyone here who has heard of it (or euchre).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have to admit I have never played euchre, but I have heard of it.


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