#MarchPhotoChallenge: 11-21

The creative juices have been flowing.

#11. Beverage.


#12: Comfy


#13. Planning


#14. This is Lunch

It was too windy to enjoy our little snack on the beach, so we sat in the truck and watched the waves roll in.  My beloved had leftover shrimp cocktail that his mother had made.  She makes it much spicier than I am used to.


#15: Shaking My Head

I rushed after work to take practice sunset photography. And as I stepped out of the car, I saw that dreadful message.  I may not have gotten my shot, but I was able to use my camera phone to capture my face palm moment.


#16: Messy

I really don’t like to stage things. So I waited until a mess presented itself.  It came a lunch.


#17. Green

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, I kept with the holiday theme.  Every holiday my friend puts homemade cupcakes on my doorstep (I unwrapped them). And every holiday my cat sits patiently at the window waiting for me to retrieve the cupcakes, so she can have a taste of the frosting. 


#18. Commute


#19. Inspiration

I thought a shot up at Inspiration Point would be a good idea.  But the trial is only with a permit, and that needs to be attained 72 hours in advance.  I decided that the map at the trailhead would have to do.


#20. Cold

It was in the 70s today.  This is the only cold that I was looking for.


#21. Progress

One sip at a time down the flight list.





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