#AprilPhotoChallenge: 1-15

My friend and I continue the challenge with a new list and posting it on FB. This month’s challenge is Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge.   I have become a big fan of her page.  I recommend checking it out.

#1. Yellow

It was a windy and chilly day at the Toledo Botanical Garden with my mom.  The house that I grew up in had a hedge of fuchsias that heralded every spring.  When I bought my first house, my father quickly brought one for me to plant in my front garden.  I always have a sense of comfort when I see their blossoms.

1. yellow

#2. Looking Down

My kind of town, Chicago is. 


#3.  Starts with A


3.starts with a

#4.  Cool

A cool afternoon at Golden Gate Park

4. cool


#5. Thank You

My beloved does so much for me, including enduring sneak attack photos.  


#6.  Building

The NOAA building in Pacific Grove, CA has amazing tilework.  building

#7. I Sat Here

My favorite bench.


#8. Pair



#9. I Found This

I was pretty excited about finding a new water dish for Zoe, but this bit of beauty and serenity was a true “find” for all of us who had a chance to see it.


#10. Fragrant

I love the aroma of apple blossoms! (I almost posted a photo of Bubba the cat who greeted me at his house with one of his controlled flatulence bombs that night –but my eyes were watering too much to focus the lens).



#11. Natural

Turning the camera on myself without make up and hair styled then posting the image to the public has been one of the harder things I’ve done.


#12. Hole

This is the hole in the side of the garage for kitties to use to get out of the rain. One old possum used it regularly to access the heated cat bed inside. He would steal an apple and take it with him to bed where he would suck juice of the fruit and then leave the skin beside the bed.


#13. Card

I have a memory box full of cards, drawings, and clippings from the people I love and people I’ve lost.  Opening this box floods me with memories and often melancholy.


#14. Fresh


#16. Logo


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