Little Gem

Little Gems at Secor Metropark in Sylvania, Ohio.  #toledometroparks #birding

A Pair: Backyard Ohio

My parents have hung a wren house in their yard for as long as I can remember.  Every year, a little male comes and builds a nest.  Then he sings and sings for a mate.  Sometimes a female will come to lay eggs and raise a brood.  Other times, the nest will be abandoned for…

It’s Not Easy Being Green

This green heron has been eluding me for years.  Ok, I admit, it is highly probable that this is not the same heron that I have tried to photograph since 1998, but I am still pretty excited to finally get a photo. They are such a curious looking bird to me, and their elusive behavior makes…

Mind Your Own Beeswax

Zealously bouncing among the blossoms, a greedy honeybee collects a feast. #inthegarden #honeybees

Adventures in Cat Sitting: Nutmeg

#cat I have a soft spot for calicos.  I spent 19 years and 4 months under the ownership of one.  They are most often chatty and bossy, as well as inquisitive and smart.  They know what they want and what they don’t want.  And they will tell you in no uncertain terms which is which. Nutmeg is no exception.  

Amuse Bouche

Topping my favorite photo list is this Amuse Bouche. Can’t improve on #nature with this one. Shot, cropped, logoed, posted. #Annashummingbird feeds on kangaroo paw at #VentanaBigSur #California #birding #luckyshotTopping my favorite photo list is this Amuse Bouche. Can’t improve on #nature with this one. Shot, cropped, logoed, posted. #Annashummingbird feeds on kangaroo paw at #VentanaBigSur #California #birding #luckyshot

Love is the Air

Spring has come. During a break in the rain, I ventured out to take some photos.  A beautiful Western bluebird pair flew among the tall trees and even paused for a moment to pose … and then ponder. #birding

Wine Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Potential.  A humble grape, with its meaty flesh sealed tight by a waxy skin, waits.  This cluster, in mid-winter, missed the harvest. Missed the chance to be pressed and bottled into fine wine.  Missed the chance to be sniffed and swirled and boasted over. Instead, the cluster remained clinging to the vine.  Instead, it waited…

Goodbye, Butterfly!

As of last weekend, only 400 monarchs were at the sanctuary.  But those butterflies who remain pay no mind to their missing companions. They are enjoying these early days of spring.  #pacificgrovemonarchs

That’s a Wrap!

If the long shadows across the water didn’t give away that the sun was preparing to set, the little otter making her bed for the night did. She took the term “kelp bed” very seriously as she twirled herself in the algae seaweed and drifted off to sleep. #otters

Lunch at the Pier

Despite the success of the other birds and beasts, over all this time, I had never seen him actually catch anything. Until now.

A Pair

Valentine’s Day is coming.  And our minds turn to all those romantic images of love: hearts, roses, cupid, maybe a dove or two.  But I don’t see doves very often.  And when I do, they are usually mixed within the huge flock of pigeons that are scrabbling for birdseed under someone’s feeder.  Not very romantic….