Calendar Cats, II

I’m on a roll this weekend. Cachagua Cats 2018 calendar is in the bag.  I struggle to photograph these cats because they are indoors most of the time.  Quite frankly, I am terrible at indoor shots.  Animals are even worse, their pupils are huge and the flash creates demon-kitties.  These are my favorite shots. Bee…

I Love My Calendar …Cats

I Love My Calendar …Cats I finally finished the annual Park Street Cat Calendar. If you follow my blogs, you know that I have a tendency for odd rituals.  The ritual for the calendars it to listen to Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Girl.  This year it was difficult making the calendar.  I had spent much of the…

Sense of Direction The “kit-ten” whom I call Raymond sprang from his nap and hurried to the garden gate.  Such interest could only mean he was in search of trouble, so I hopped from my seat to follow.

Sense of Direction

he little bird was so intent in swooping and snacking that he took no notice of the beastie who plotted his demise. #gardenlife #birding

Looking for Love It was a family Sunday. After an unseasonably cool month, Indian Summer had finally arrived. We sat on the patio with glasses of wine. And then the niece spotted him. He scrambled across the patio paying us no mind. He was on his way to meet a lady.