Sense of Direction

he little bird was so intent in swooping and snacking that he took no notice of the beastie who plotted his demise. #gardenlife #birding

Common Sense

Watching the common grackle bathe on a hot day reminded me of a magical time and the other common things I’ve left behind in Ohio–lightning bugs, summer rain, and best friends. #birding #common

Hangin’ There

Hangin’ There. Flip that 1970s attitude.  Forget the “Hang in There” of kitten days.  Grab your inner dragon(fly) and start “hangin.”  #attitude #grablife

Good as Gold

Little bits of sunshine flitting and fussing about the garden, engulfing the feeders to gobble up sunflower seeds, pausing at the brook to lap droplets of water on the hot summer afternoon. #birding

It’s all There in Black and White

I believe in serendipity.  Without the crowd, I wouldn’t have been in the Windows on Wildlife when this little bird appeared. #myfirst #birding


Sometimes it isn’t enough to stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes they need to be tasted. These fellows do it right. #flylikeabutterfly

Little Gem

Little Gems at Secor Metropark in Sylvania, Ohio.  #toledometroparks #birding

A Pair: Backyard Ohio

My parents have hung a wren house in their yard for as long as I can remember.  Every year, a little male comes and builds a nest.  Then he sings and sings for a mate.  Sometimes a female will come to lay eggs and raise a brood.  Other times, the nest will be abandoned for…