#May Photo Challenge 1-31

It was a fun month of following Fat Mum Slim‘s photo challenge. I discovered a lot about the importance of paying attention to the time of day.  Lounging around in the morning put my shots at between noon and 4 o’clock.  Beautiful blue skies became white glares. Shadows blocked out beautiful faces.  Colors simply didn’t read…

Losing Poindexter

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”  –Colette I’m sorry to report that “our” dear sweet Poindexter had to be euthanized on Friday morning. I say “our” because he belonged to no one, and yet was cared for and loved by several of us in the neighborhood –spending his days like a hobbit traveling between…

Neighbor Boys

This is what happens when I leave my door open. The neighbor boys come for a snack. #catslife #livinglifeforte


Holman Ranch dust meets Pacific Grove fog meets local kitty. #pacificgrovelife #washthecar #catslife