Little Gem

Chickabee and I visited Secor Metropark in Sylvania, Ohio.  As with five other Toledo Metroparks, Secor includes a “Window on Wildlife.”  With both indoor and outdoor viewing, visitors can watch all manner of bird and beastie enjoy bird feeders, garden blossoms, and running water. I frequent them often when I am in town.  On this visit, four ruby-throated hummingbirds tore about the garden chattering and chasing.  While I was only able to spot one adult male, whose red throat glinted from a far tree, two females competed to take sips from a close feeder –where I was able to catch a couple of shots before they buzzed off.  These are my first decent pictures of ruby-throated hummingbirds.  They seem much more camera shy than the Anna’s that frequent my garden … or maybe I’m just not fast enough.


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