The Final Shot

My camera gave up the ghost on Monday.  After losing 2 years of photos to a crashed motherboard, I had finally gotten my heart to the place to take photos again.  I spent two weeks shooting. Then as quickly as it started, it was over.  Mid-shot, the camera was dead.  It wasn’t an expensive or fancy camera –a Nikon D3200, just a starter camera for a novice photographer.  But I carried that camera everywhere, every day, for two years. I took loads of pictures. Most of them very very bad.  Some of them pretty darn good.  I bought it on the gray market, so there is no warranty.  And repairs are looking to cost over half of what I paid.  Right now, my budget is tight. So, as I ponder whether to repair or replace, I’m scrolling through that last set of shots.  My beloved and I were relaxing at Cowgirl Winery enjoying the valley sunshine.  I had just taken a photo for Wine Wednesday –backgammon and wine.  And the chickens were enjoying some of the shelled peanuts that we had brought for them.  They begged like dogs and jumped like dolphins for the treats.  And there is the last shot.  It’s Damn Daniel.  And he looks about as unhappy as I am.


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  1. Hmmmm … The grey market — I’ll have to Google that.


  2. Nice pic and his look seems really unhappy. I wish you happiness always

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    1. I believe he was suspicious about what we were feeding his “ladies.” He takes his role as rooster very seriously.

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      1. Mmm, being a male isn’t an easy thing nowadays! 😀


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