July Photo Challenge: 1-15

The challenge this month with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day brought a bit more of my creative nature.  It’s A through Z and 1 through 5.  At first I thought “Hey, this will be easy!” But then those weird letters started, or the subject that I thought would work … well, it simply didn’t. One of the relatives told my niece that I take too many photos of cats, so I’m worrying less about focus and more about adding a variety of subjects. Sometimes I am happy with the results, and other times I’m just glad that I found something to fulfill the requirement.

#1. A is for … Antique.

One of my favorite spots in the summer is Cowgirl Winery in Carmel Valley.  It’s relaxed, sunny and warm but not too hot to enjoy a chilled glass of wine in the shade.


#2. B is for … Bunting.


#3. C is for … Cupcake.


#4.  D is for … Dinner.

On the Fourth of July, my beloved and I spent a quiet day in the community garden.  While filling the water cans, this fellow gave us quite a surprise eating a pumpkin in one of the other beds.  After he had his fill, the little beast climbed the small apple tree, selected one of the four apples, and took it with him over the fence.


#5. E is for … Echeveria.

I tried out the macro-filter that came with my lens.


#6. F is for … Finished.

Wine and cheese night at Casanova’s in Carmel.


#7.  G is for … Garden Eels.

Monterey Bay Aquarium had a Picnic Night for its members. We had our picnic with these odd little fellows.  I was concerned about blinding them, so I tried not to use the light meter and definitely no flash.


#8.  H is for … Hydranga.

Time was ticking away, and I needed an “H” pretty quickly.  The ladies in the family had afternoon tea and then strolled through one of the garden shops downtown.  This beauty was in the back.


#9. I is for … Incandescent.

I was able to catch a reflection of the town in this bulb.  


#10.  J is for … Jukebox.


#11.  K is for … Knocker.


#12.  L is for … Lanterns.


#13.  M is for … Matilija Poppy.


#14.  N is for … Nostalgia.

I had wanted a picture of the night sky, but it was much too foggy.  So I pulled up a picture of Nostalgia from my last visit up at the ranch.  She is such a beautiful and sweet horse.


#15.  O is for … Orange Chicken Selfie.

Another day that didn’t go as planned, fog kept my “O is for ocean” from happening.  So I headed inland and found sun and, well, this little lady.




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