#JunePhotoChallenge 16-30

Now that I am taking more photos, I am also starting to branch out and take chances with my shots–different angles, more blur, and riffs on topics.  It was a fun month.  And I’m looking forward to see myself grow.

#16. Vibrant

On our last trip to Paso Robles, we visited Tablas Creek where we enjoyed lovely wine and beautiful gardens.


#17. My name


#18. Something Alive

Nothing more alive than the hens at Cowgirl Winery. The sun was a bit bright at midday, so I decided to play with the black and white a bit.


#19. No Filter

Moonrise on Cachagua Road.


#20. Water


#21.  Looking Up

And then there came the moment when I wished for a stronger telephoto lens.  


#22. Delicious

I have had a lot of fun creating new salads with my harvest this year.


#23. Far

The treats seem very FAR when you are afraid of the new stones.  Poor Timothy Raisin. I caught his expression with my smart phone before running in to find my DSLR.  But by then “the face” was gone.


#24. Gold


#25. Where I Shop

Jordana is an employee at the local art store and enjoys sharpening the pencils on the desk by gnawing on them.


#26. Handwritten


#27. Loud


#28.  Quiet

Brother Punkin



#29.  Sunshine

Though he is not my cat, Elvis meets me on the wall every evening when I arrive home. 


#30. Stripes







3 Comments Add yours

  1. These were great photos.

    Are you somewhere in England because the cat’s name “Timothy Raisin” … only someone British would name a cat that. 🙂

    Again, really nice shots and thank you for sharing.


    1. I am in California. But Raisin’s “owner” is the president of our Dickens Fellowship if that counts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That name is just great … if you ever see / talk to their owner please tell them that someone out there in the blogosphere thinks that name is the cat’s meow!!!! 🙂


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