#JunePhotoChallenge: 1-15

Another month Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day.  I also joined the Facebook group– FMS Photo a Day–which quickly made me realize that I need to step up my game.  This month I learned that I often have a great idea for a photo, but finding time to actually take the picture has been my downfall.  I take the photo of the day ON the day that it calls for. So if I work late and the traffic is unbearable, my idea of driving over to take a picture of skeleton keys hanging out of the door at the mission suddenly becomes my own keys in my front door.  Opportunity is half the battle.

#1. Key


#2. Treat

All of the kitties in the neighborhood know the sound of the treat jar.  Elvis is sure to check in every morning and evening to be sure it is full of tasty snacks.


#3. Purple

I decided to grow purple beans this year.  These are an heirloom variety that are rich aubergine when fresh but return to green when cooked.


#4. Reflection

This pair of marbled godwits were having a “discussion” on the beach.  I like how their reflection is a combination of a heart and exclamation point. 


#5.  To Do List

This is what a weekend To Do List should look like: pure enjoyment. I definitely recommend a stop to see my friends in the tasting room.


#6. Mistake

This is what happens when you focus on the wrong spigot.  Oh, what a difference two feet makes.  


#7. Cute

Even though she is old enough, Zoe didn’t vote.  But she did enjoy the sticker.


#8. Where I Stood

A late afternoon walk along Spanish Bay:  the waves were mesmerizing.


#9. Four Things

A member of the community garden donated apple trees to several of the gardeners.  This tree was never planted and grew right through the pot into the ground until someone finally freed it.  I don’t think it minded much.



#10. Partial

A dear friend and her family came to the City, so it was time to head up to see some sites. I have been to the bridge many times, but this was the first time that I walked on it.  I only made it part way before my nerves kicked in.


#11. Me Time

My garden diary is especially important to me because it comes from the Carmel-by-the-Sea Garden Club.  A few years ago, the club honored me with a horticulture scholarship that helped me finish my degree.


#12. Stairs


#13. M is for

Mushroom.  My sweetheart harvested the mushrooms in the grow box just before I told him that I had planned on taking a photo of them.  These were the only two left … for now.


#14. Pile


#15. Floor

The woodland floor of our local park.  





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