#AprilPhotoChallenge: 16-30

It  has been a great month for photography.  And I think that my photo skills are growing. My most frequent limitations have been when I have great ideas for a shot, but my time is limited or the weather is uncooperative.

#16. Glass

Mid-April brought 80 degree weather and blue skies to the peninsula.  Burgers and brews were in order.

16. glass

#17. Homemade

Mark’s Homemade meatballs.  One day, I may share his recipe.

17. home made

#17. Open

The beautiful days called for opening all the windows to enjoy the ocean breezes.


#19. My City


#20. Entrance


#21. Cut


#22. Earth

Happy Earth Day!  We were blessed with rain to celebrate.

22. earth

#23. Arrow


#24. My Fave Food.

I’ll be honest. I love food. Most of what I eat is healthy. Some of it is not. And many of my “favorites” would require a 2072 mile drive to photograph. So I thought back to the favorite of my childhood. Legend has it that my first words were “french fry,” and our love affair has never ended.  


#25. Out of the Box

I came around the corner and thought Trader Joe’s had a new line of tissue. Nope.

25. outofthebox

#26. The Sky


#27. Open

My favorite corner market.

27. open

#28. Season

My herbs are ready to season the first days of May (cilantro for Cinco de Mayo, mint for Derby juleps, oregano and chives for Mothers Day lunch).

28. season

#29. Man Made

Our Wine Camp warm up dinner with bottles of the 2013 Syrah (barrels 2 & 3).


#30. Book

After bottling all day, I asked John to pose with the new book he is featured in.  Copies of The High Concept Massacre are available on Amazon.com.  John Penney’s chapter starts on page 220.

30. book

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