#MarchPhotoChallenge: Catching Up

Last year, I bought a DSLR.  Nothing special. A Nikon D3200.  A photographer told me it was a good starter camera for someone like me who has been using a pocket Canon superzoom for the last fifteen years.  After purchasing the camera, I audited an introductory digital photography course with a friend who was finishing up some units at the college.   I learned a lot from the instructor, and at times I learned even more from my friend.  But after a semester of shooting on a regular basis and thinking of creative ways to interpret themes, I submitted my final project, and the camera went back into its bag.  And it sat.  Oh sure, I pulled it out to finish the cat calendars and Wine Camp calendar for my Cali-family.  But otherwise, I returned to that superzoom.  And gradually, even that became used less and less.

When my friend from class came into town recently, we decided to relight that creative fire.  We agreed to start a long-distance daily photo challenge.  I was psyched!  I decided to allow my friend time to finish her business here and return to her coast.  Meanwhile, I started a little bit of research regarding photo challenges.  There are loads of sources! I tucked my favorites into the back of my brain.

And then almost a month later, I messaged her asking her when we would start. After looking at a couple of lists, we decided on a March photo challenge by Art Teachers Hate Glitter. And our first assignment was to catch up with the first ten shots on the list.  I did quite a bit of shooting this morning, but I feel good about the results.  Now on to today’s assignment!

#1: Creative Storage.

I keep my garden tools in an old copper mailbox on my front step. 


#2: On the Floor. 

I’m still pretty weak at interior photos, but I consider this indoor/outdoor carpet as qualifying … maybe.  I did cheat a little with this one and actually took it about a week or so ago.


#3: Art work.

This week the rain and wind had fun with my garden art.


#4: Pattern.

My grandmother passed over 40 years ago.  One of the few items of hers that I have is a very small clock that she made in ceramics class.  The clock is a little chipped from being carted from house to house, coast to coast. And the ticking drove me crazy, so I removed the battery.  But it still sits among my trinkets.


#5: Food.

After fighting with sparrows who were intent on decimating my crops, I was finally able to harvest some peas from beneath the netting. One taste of these fresh babies and I realized why they were so adamant about getting to the tasty treats.


#6: A favorite.

The topic was a bit vague. So I chose someone else’s favorite. This is Pup Pup, my calico’s favorite toy. He is a bit chewed and worn, but she is always happier when she has Pup Pup and tissue paper on her blanket.



#7: Landscape. 

I am terrible at landscapes.  I think it’s the timing for the most part.  Kevin (our instructor) said that the best time of the day to shoot is the hour before and after sunrise and sunset.  Well, I don’t seem to make it.  But I did have a chance to catch some beautiful clouds in the Santa Lucia Highlands last Sunday. 


#8: Made Me Laugh.

This birdhouse hangs by the driveway. It made me laugh when I first saw it two years ago. And it still makes me smile whenever I see it. 


#9: Face. 

This is the face that I have woken up to almost every day for 18 years.


#10: Drying Rack.

I think I need to put my dishes away now.




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