Wrong Time of Day

Two years ago, I enrolled in an introduction to digital photography course.  I felt that I was finally ready to step into the world of DSLR.  A friend helped me pick out the best “starter” camera (a Nikon D3200), and I was ready to become a photojournalist extraordinaire.  And then reality hit. There is more…


Western gulls wait for an easy meal on Monterey’s Wharf 2.


A grey day after the storms. Hustling and bustling for beached treasures.

Snapshots of 2016

January: Austin.  My sister’s first performance with the Austin Burlesque Alliance was on January 30th.  I made the trip to delight in the Star Trek Burlesque and have a few drinks and meals in this amazing city. Despite a trip into the city, a walk in the park, and a coffee along the river, the…