Just as a honeybee is colored by the blue pollen of a chicory flower, we too are painted by the world we ingest.

#May Photo Challenge 1-31

It was a fun month of following Fat Mum Slim‘s photo challenge. I discovered a lot about the importance of paying attention to the time of day.  Lounging around in the morning put my shots at between noon and 4 o’clock.  Beautiful blue skies became white glares. Shadows blocked out beautiful faces.  Colors simply didn’t read…

Wine Wednesday: Sept. 2, 2015

“The first time I had sat down to a meal I had grown on my own, along with a bottle of wine that we had made, I burst into tears. To be in touch and be in tune with that is an extraordinary gift.” — Emilio Estevez (actor, director, producer, and Brat Pack member) *Our 2013 Syrah was…


theenglishcrux: Paradise Paradise – “a walled-in garden” (ave.) From an Iranian language called Avestan, a “pairidaēza” was an enclosed garden for royalty. Surely still a modern-day definition match for many, minus the royalty bit. And to me, being in the garden is paradise. -forté