theenglishcrux: Paradise Paradise – “a walled-in garden” (ave.) From an Iranian language called Avestan, a “pairidaēza” was an enclosed garden for royalty. Surely still a modern-day definition match for many, minus the royalty bit. And to me, being in the garden is paradise. -forté

Amateur – “lover” (fr.)

Amateur Amateur – “lover” (fr.) From French “amator” (lover) – an amateur is someone who engages in an activity for the love of it rather than the money. from theenglishcrux: Pretty much why I do most things.  Perhaps that’s why I am broke. –forté

Grouse – “all out (of beer)”

Grouse Grouse – “all out (of beer)” In German taverns they would cry “gar aus!” (all out) when their cups were dry and needed a refill. This gave rise to both grouse (to complain) and carouse (to have a rowdy good time). from theenglishcrux [I have a feeling The Undefined will be hearing this from me from…